Export a Fusion 360 design to Solidworks by following these steps:1.Open the Fusion 360 file in which you want to export the design.2.Select File > Export 3D Model... 4.On the Export Options tab, select SolidWorks from the Format drop-down menu and click Next 5.Enter a name for your exported file (e.g., "Fusion360_SolidWorks") and click Save 6.Select where you want to save your exported file and click Next 7.On the Options tab, set the desired compression level and click Next 8.Click Finish 9.

What are the steps to exporting a Fusion 360 file to Solidworks?

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If you're looking to export a Fusion 360 model into solidworks, here are some steps that should help:

  1. Open Fusion 360 and create a new file. Select the "Export" button on the toolbar and select "SolidWorks." In the "Destination" drop-down menu, select "SolidWorks 2013 (.swd)" Click the "Next" button to continue. In the "File Type" drop-down menu, select "Fusion 360 Model." Click the "Next" button to continue. In the "Output File Name" field, type a name for your Solidworks file (e.g., Exporter_fusion360_model). Click the "Finish" button to export your model to Solidworks 2013 format. Open your exported Solidworks file in SolidWorks and begin editing as desired! Create a new Fusion 360 file Choose Export from the main toolbar Select SolidWorks from Destination drop down Enter Output File Name in text box Click Finish Your imported model will be open in SolidWorks!Hope this helps!
  2. First, create a new fusion 360 file by clicking on File > New > Fusion 360 Model... This will open up your default fusion 360 window with all of its tools ready for use including an export tab at the top right corner of your screen (see image below).
  3. From within this export tab, click on Export > SolidWorks which will bring up the following window (see image below). Here you'll need to specify some important details about your exported model such as its filename (e.g., Exporter_fusion360_model), output format (solidworks 20, and target software platform (solidworks or maya). Make sure you also check off Use Origin Coordinate System if you want your exported files to use origin coordinates when printed out or displayed in 3D applications like Maya or SketchUp - otherwise they'll be projected onto whatever coordinate system is active when importing them into those programs - see image below for more information on coordinate systems:
  4. Once you've entered all of these details, click on Next to proceed with exporting your model into solidworks 2013 format:
  5. Upon completion of this step, you'll be presented with two final windows - one containing all of your imported geometry data in standard triangulated mesh form while the other displays any errors that occurred during modeling/exporting process: either due to missing faces or incorrect geometries etc.: see images below for examples: . If everything looks good then simply close both windows without saving changes and go ahead and open up your newly generated solidworks 2013 project file (.

Is it possible to convert a Fusion 360 file into a Solidworks file?

Yes, it is possible to export a Fusion 360 file into a Solidworks file. There are several steps that must be followed in order to achieve this goal. The first step is to open the Fusion 360 file in SolidWorks. Next, select the File > Export > SolidWorks option from the menu bar. This will launch the ExportSolidWorks wizard. On the first page of the wizard, you will need to select the type of file that you want to create. In this case, we want to create a Solidworks .swd file. After selecting this option, you will be prompted to provide some information about your project. You will need to provide the name of your project, as well as the filename and location of your project files. Finally, you will need to choose which objects and features you would like to include in your final Solidworks file. After providing these details, click on the next button on page 1 of the wizard and continue with step 2 below."

  1. On page 2 of the ExportSolidWorks wizard, you will need to specify how you would like your exported object files organized. You have two options: either create an assembly or generate parts from individual objects.. If you choose Assembly mode, then all object files associated with your project will be compiled into one large .asm assembly file (.swd). If you choose Part mode, then each objectfile correspondingto a part in your modelwill be generatedinto its own separate .ptspart file (.swd). After making your selection on page 2 ofthe wizard,.you can proceedto step 3below."
  2. Onpage 3oftheExportSolidWorkswizard,.youwillneedtoconfigureyourexportoptionsfor3D printing purposes..Ifyoudonotchoosetomakeanassignmentontopage3ofthewizard,.thenallobjectfilesassociatedwithyourprojectwillbelimitedtocollaborativemodelingsofthesamewizarddoesntaskfortheuseofthesolidworksprintingmoduleinthestructuredevelopmentenvironment(SDE)."
  3. Onceyouhavemadeyour selectionsontopage3ofthewizard,.youcanproceedtothefinalstepofthedesignprocessbyselectingthattoolbox labeled "Print Options". HereinyouwillbeabletogetadditionalinformationabouthoweachobjectfileshouldbeseparatelyprintedfromtherightsideofthemachineandwhetherornotitishoworthyprintingusingFusion360'sadvancedprintingfeatures."
  4. Clickonthebuttonlabeled "Print"nextto"Output Path",andfinallyenterapathnameforthesolidworksfilethatyouwanttoproduce.(Youmayalsorequireafilepathforthesourceimagesusedinthedesignprocess.)Aftercompletingthese settings,.clickon"Finish".

If I have a design in Fusion 360, can I open it in Solidworks?

Yes, you can open a Fusion 360 design in Solidworks. However, there are some restrictions. First, you will need to export the design as an .STL file. Second, you may only be able to open parts of the design in Solidworks. Third, some features of Fusion 360 (such as 3D printing) may not work correctly when opened in Solidworks. Fourth, certain aspects of the design (such as materials) may not be visible in Solidworks. Finally, you will need to pay attention to the differences between how Fusion 360 and Solidworks work with regard to drawing objects and surfaces.

How do I go about exporting my drawings from one software to the other?

Export your drawings from Fusion 360 to SolidWorks by following these steps:

  1. Open the Fusion 360 drawing in which you want to export the files.
  2. In the toolbar, click File > Export > PDF/A (or choose another export option if available).
  3. In the Export Settings dialog box, specify a name for the exported file and select a destination folder on your computer.
  4. Click Export. The exported files will be saved in the specified location.

Can you please guide me through the process of transferring my designs from Autodesk's App Fusion 360 into SOLIDWORKS?

When you want to export your designs from Autodesk's App Fusion 360 into SOLIDWORKS, there are a few steps that need to be followed. The first step is to open up SOLIDWORKS and create a new project. Once the project has been created, you will need to select the File > Export menu option and choose the Fusion360 option. This will open up the Fusion360 Export dialog box.

The next step is to select the Designs tab and then click on the Browse button. This will allow you to browse through your existing designs in Fusion 360. Once you have found the design that you want to export, click on it and then click on the OK button.

Next, you will need to select the Output Format tab and make sure that the SolidWorks 2017 (.swd) format is selected. Next, you will need to specify which parts of your design should be exported. You can either choose individual objects or entire assemblies. Finally, you will need to provide some additional information such as file name and location.

Once all of these details have been entered, simply hit the Export button and wait for SOLIDWORKS to finish exporting your design files.

How can I get my model from Autodesk Fusion360 into SolidWorks?

There are a few ways to export your model from Fusion360 into SolidWorks.

One way is to use the Export To SolidWorks feature in Fusion 36Another way is to use the Export As feature in Fusion 36Finally, you can also use the Import FromSolidworks tool in SolidWorks to import your .swd or .fbx file into SolidWorks.

  1. This will export your model as a .swd file, which you can then open in SolidWorks.
  2. This will export your model as a .fbx file, which you can then open in SolidWorks.

Need help with converting .f3d files (Fusion 360) into .SLDPRT (SolidWorks) !! :)?

Export your Fusion 360 models to SolidWorks using the SLDPRT export tool. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to export a 3D model from Fusion 360 into SolidWorks.

8 ) Change the settings in this dialog box according to your needs: For example, you can choose which faces are visible, change their order, or delete them if they're not needed anymore. When you're done editing, press OK to save your changes and close the dialog box (see image below).

9 ) Next, you'll need to extrude your imported polygonal object outwards so that it forms a solid object in SolidWorks (see image below). To do this, first select all of its vertices by clicking on each one once with the mouse cursor then pressing Enter (or clicking on them once with the right mouse button while holding down Shift ). Then use Ctrl + E (or Cmd + E on Macs), followed by Extrude Direction : Outwards , followed by Value :

  1. Open Fusion 360 and create a new 3D model.
  2. Select the "Export" button on the toolbar and select "SLDPRT" from the list of options.
  3. In the Export dialog box, specify a filename for your exported file and click OK.
  4. Your 3D model will be exported as a .SLDPRT file.
  5. Open SolidWorks and import your .SLDPRT file.
  6. Select File > Import > STL > Polygons to import your 3D model into SolidWorks.
  7. You'll now need to Edit your imported polygonal object in SolidWorks. To do this, double-click on it or select it in Object Mode (pressing A). The Edit Polygon dialog box will open (see image below).
  8. Finally, enter 0 for both Length and Width fields in the Parameters rollout window (see image below). Note: If you want to keep certain faces hidden while extruding your object, simply hide them before extruding by selecting them with Ctrl + H (or Cmd + H on Macs), then entering 0 for both Length and Width fields in Parameters rollout window. 10 ) Once you've finished extruding your imported polygonal object outwards, press F9 (or GoToViewport ) twice so thatSolidworks zooms into view at different levels - see image below left for an example of what this might look like when done correctly.. 11 ) Now use Zoom Level : Middle & Rightmost Viewports option () optioninthe Viewports dropdown menu at top-left corner ofscreento zoom into eachof these views separately (). 12 ) Finally,.selectinObject Mode(pressing A)),thenrightclickonitandchooseFromTheListboxthatappearsunderSelections (),then clickOK (). 13 ) Your edited polygonal object should now appear as a solid entity withinSolidWorks (.jgl file extension), as shown below right: 14 ) Saveyour workbyclickingonthebuttonattopofthescreenandenternameforyournewfile (.

Export Problem: Cannot get an stp or iges out of fusion that will work in solidworks! Anyone know how?? PLEASE HELP!?

Export Solution:

There are a few things you can do to export your models from Fusion 360 to SolidWorks. First, make sure that the file formats are compatible. Fusion 360 supports a variety of file formats, but SolidWorks only supports certain ones. If the file format is not supported, SolidWorks will not be able to open it. Second, make sure that the resolution and scale of your models are correct. Models exported from Fusion 360 should have a higher resolution than those imported into SolidWorks. Finally, try exporting your model as an STL or IGES file format. These files are more commonly used in SolidWorks and may be easier to work with.

When trying to export as an IGES/STEP/etc., I am only offered parasolid, which does not work for what I need it for. -Autodesk Community Forum user 'Mech Engineer'?

Export your 3D designs from Fusion 360 to SolidWorks for use in manufacturing or product design. This guide will show you how to export your models as STEP, IGES, or Parasolid files.

  1. Open Fusion 360 and create a new 3D model.
  2. In the "Model Settings" window, under the "Export" tab, select "SolidWorks."
  3. In the "Format" drop-down menu, select "STEP."
  4. Under the "File Type" drop-down menu, select "Standard."
  5. Click the blue arrow next to the file name field and choose a filename for your model file. For example, my_model_step .
  6. Click Save and Close in the Model Settings window to finish exporting your model to SolidWorks format.

I saved it as an STL but when i tried opening in SW, nothing showed up. -Autodesk Community Forum user 'IanJ'?

Export your 3D designs from Fusion 360 to SolidWorks for further refinement, production or archiving. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

  1. Open Fusion 360 and create a new 3D model or open an existing SolidWorks file.
  2. In the Fusion360 interface, click File > Export > STL (or select another export type).
  3. Select the desired output format in the Output Format dropdown and choose a location on your computer to save the file.
  4. Click Save to save the file and close Fusion 36
  5. Double-click on the exported STL file to open it in SolidWorks.

How come when i try and import my design into solid works it doesn't show anything? -Quora user 'Tyler Cleary'?

When you try to import your design into SolidWorks, it might not show anything because the file format is different. Fusion 360 exports its designs in a .f3d file format, which is compatible with SolidWorks but not all other 3D software. To export your design as a SolidWorks file, you'll need to use a third-party tool like FileZilla or WinRAR to extract the files and then open them in SolidWorks.

It just comes up blank when doing File>Open -Another Quora User?

  1. First, you will need to have Fusion 360 installed on your computer.
  2. Next, open up Fusion 360 and click on the File menu option.
  3. From here, select the option to Open…
  4. On the next screen, select the option to Import from SolidWorks .
  5. Once this is done, you will be able to see all of your SolidWorks files inside of Fusion 360!
  6. To export a particular file or group of files from SolidWorks into Fusion 360, simply select the file or files that you want to export and then click on the Export button located in the toolbar at the top of the window.