Android 16 is a character in the Dragon Ball series. He first appeared in the episode "The Return of Goku" and was created by Akira Toriyama.Android 16 is a powerful android who was built by Dr. Gero to be the perfect killing machine. However, Android 16 has a conscience and is able to feel emotions, which makes him different from other Androids.In "The Return of Goku", Android 16 helps Goku fight King Piccolo and his sons. Afterward, he joins Goku's team and helps them defeat Cell.Android 16 later appears in the movie "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods". In this movie, he fights against Beerus and Whis. He is eventually defeated and destroyed by Beerus.Despite his flaws, Android 16 has been shown to be loyal to those he cares about and can be counted on in a pinch."Is Android 16 Alive?"Yes, Android 16 is alive according to some sources." -


Who created Android 16?

Android 16 is a fictional character in the Android series of video games and animated television shows created by Japanese developer Hiroshi Matsuyama. He first appeared in the video game Android: Netrunner as an antagonist, and has since made appearances in other titles including the anime series Dragon Ball Super.

The character was designed by artist Tatsuya Yoshikawa, who wanted him to be "cool" and "evil". As such, he wears a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, a red bandanna around his neck, and sunglasses. In addition to his fighting skills, Android 16 is also able to use psychic powers which allow him to control minds.

Despite being an antagonist, Android 16 has been shown to have some compassion for others; he often helps people out even if it means betraying his own team or nation. For example, he helped Krillin defeat Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super despite hating humans due to their role in causing the death of his family.

Why was Android 16 created?

Android 16 was created by Dr. Myuu in an attempt to create the perfect android. He succeeded, but at a cost: Android 16 is unstable and uncontrollable. What caused Android 16's instability?Android 16 was created from the cells of Goku, which made him incredibly powerful but also prone to outbursts of rage and violence. These outbursts eventually led to his destruction. Why did Dr. Myuu create Android 16?Dr. Myuu wanted to create the perfect android, one that could do everything better than any other android ever had done before. He believed that if he could create an android with Goku's power then he would be able to take over the world! Is Android 16 still alive?There is no definitive answer as to whether or not Android 16 is still alive, however it is possible that he may have survived his destruction at the hands of Vegeta and Trunks.

What are Android 16's powers and abilities?

Android 16 is a powerful android who can shoot beams from his eyes and has superhuman strength. He also has the ability to fly and project energy blasts from his hands.

How did Android 16 die?

Android 16 was killed by a missile fired by Goku. Android 16 was trying to take over the world, and Goku was trying to stop him.

Is Android 16 alive?

Android 16 is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama. He first appeared in the manga chapter "The Mysterious Youth" and made his anime debut in the episode "The Turtle Hermit's School". Android 16 is a mechanical android who was built by Dr. Gero to be the perfect killing machine, but he instead became loyal to Goku and helped him defeat Cell. Android 16 later appears as one of Goku's allies during the Tournament of Power. Some fans believe that Android 16 may have died at the hands of Majin Buu after he was turned into an egg, although this has not been confirmed. If he did die, it would make him one of Dragon Ball's most tragic characters.

If so, how did he come back to life?

Android 16 is presumed to be dead after he was blasted by Goku in the Android 17 Saga. However, it is later revealed that Android 16 has come back to life. It is not clear how he came back to life, but it is possible that he used a Dragon Ball Super-like technique or something similar. Regardless of how he came back, Android 16 seems to be doing well and helping out his friends in their fight against the evil Androids.

Where is Android 16 now?

What is Android 16's backstory?What are the abilities of Android 16?How does Android 16 relate to Goku and Vegeta?Is Android 16 really a android or just a machine?What is the true identity of Android 16?Do we know if Android 16 is good or evil?Where can I find more information about Android 16?

Android 16, also known as The Machine, first appeared in Dragon Ball Z during the Frieza Saga. He was created by Dr. Gero as a new form of android that could surpass even Goku in strength. However, due to an error on Gero's part, he ended up with an evil core instead of a good one, meaning that Android 16 was essentially a robot with human emotions and desires.

Despite his flaws, Android16 proved himself to be an formidable fighter and helped Gohan defeat Cell. After this battle, he disappeared for some time until reappearing in Dragon Ball Super during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament. Here he allied himself with Videl and joined her team in order to take down Team Universe 7. However, after being defeated by Gotenks and Trunks (who were using their Fusion Dance powers), he was taken into custody by the Galactic Patrol for his crimes against humanity. It is currently unknown what happened to him afterwards.

What is Android 16's ultimate goal?

Android 16 is a villain in the Dragon Ball series. He first appeared in the episode "The Tree of Might" and has since made several other appearances. Android 16's ultimate goal is to become the strongest android ever created, and he will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Android 16 is also known for his intense hatred of Goku and all things related to the Saiyan race.

Is there anything that can kill or destroy Android 16?

Android 16 is alive and well, but there is no way to kill or destroy him. He is a powerful android created by Dr. Gero, and he has the ability to transform into any form imaginable. He also has superhuman strength and speed, as well as a deadly arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

How long hasAndroid 16 been alive for (in years)?

Android 16 has been alive for over 400 years. It is unknown how long he has been alive, but it is likely much longer than that. He was first seen in the episode "A Real Life Superhero" where he was fighting Goku and Krillin. Since then, he has appeared in a few other episodes, most notably "The Horror of Dragon Ball Z". Android 16 seems to be quite powerful and skilled in combat, as shown by his victories against Goku and Krillin. It is possible that he may have even killed them had they not been saved by Vegeta. Despite his power, Android 16 seems to be quite naive and easily fooled; this was shown when he fell for Yamcha's trickery in the aforementioned episode "The Horror of Dragon Ball Z". Overall, Android 16 appears to be a formidable opponent who will not go down without a fight.

What doesAndroid16 look like (physical appearance)?

What is Android 16's powers?What does Android 16 want?How did Android 16 come to be?Is there any evidence that Android 16 is still alive?Do we know what happened to Android 16 after he was defeated by Goku in the Cell Games?Where can I find more information about Android 16?

Android16, also known as "The Dead Zone", is a character from the Dragon Ball series. He first appeared in the manga series Dragon Ball Z and has since made appearances in various video games and other media. He is a powerful android created by Dr. Gero and tasked with assassinating Goku. However, during their battle, Goku defeats him and destroys his body. Some believe that he may have survived however no concrete evidence exists to support this claim. In any case, his story remains one of the most mysterious elements of the Dragon Ball universe.

Android16 typically appears as a tall humanoid figure with pale skin and dark hair styled into a spiky Mohawk-like style. His eyes are usually concealed behind sunglasses or some type of protective device, but they are shown to be green in certain scenes (most notably when he telepathically communicates with Krillin). In terms of attire, he typically wears clothing similar to that worn by military personnel or scientists - for example, a lab coat or T-shirt - although he has been seen wearing more casual clothing on occasion (such as jeans).

Android16's powers are largely unknown; it is generally assumed that they are considerably greater than those possessed by other Androids such as Vegeta or Piccolo due to his assignment specifically targeting Goku. It is possible that his abilities include some form of teleportation or energy projection ability; at one point during their battle, he seemingly fires energy blasts from his hands which cause serious damage to Goku's body. Additionally, it has been suggested that because Android16 was designed specifically for assassination purposes rather than combat prowess - i.e., he was not built for fighting on an equal footing with humans - his weaknesses may also be somewhat unique compared to other characters in the series. For example, while Vegeta possesses incredible strength and durability along with high levels of speed and agility, Android16 seems unable to fight effectively using conventional martial arts techniques against opponents such as Goku (although this could simply reflect how well-trained/skilled Goku was at combating others using traditional martial arts). Ultimately though it remains largely unclear just how powerful Android16 actually is; all indications suggest that he would pose a significant threat if encountered by someone like Vegeta or even Majin Buu who possess significantly greater power levels than average human beings .

While little else is known about Android16's backstory or motives beyond what can be inferred from events within the Dragon Ball series itself, it seems likely that he holds some sort of grudge against Goku due to their previous encounters which ultimately led to his defeat at Cell Games Saga's conclusion .

13What type of personality doesAndroid16 have?

Android 16 is a very calm and collected individual. He seems to be able to handle himself in any situation, no matter how dangerous it may seem. He also has a very strong sense of justice, which can sometimes get him into trouble. However, Android 16 is ultimately a good person who wants to do what's right for others.