Android 17 is a guy. He was born on November 6, 1988 in West City. Android 17 is the youngest of the four main characters in Dragon Ball Z.Android 17 has a very short temper and can be quite violent when he's angry. He also has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and family.Android 17 is known for his powerful ki attacks and skills with swordsmanship. He often helps Goku fight against stronger opponents by using his powerful ki blasts and swordsmanship skills to take down their enemies.Android 17 also appears as one of the antagonists in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 where he works for Frieza alongside fellow villains Turles, Jeice, Burter, and Guldo as part of the Red Ribbon Army. In this game, Android 17 possesses augmented strength and speed thanks to the Black Star Dragon Balls that were given to him by King Cold.What are some things you should know about Android 17?

Android #17 Gender: Male

Born on November 6th 1988 in West City

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short tempered but fiercely loyal friend who fights alongside Goku using Ki blasts and swordplay skills; Appears as one of Frieza's henchmen alongside Turles Jeice Burter Guldo in 'Dragonball Xenoverse 2'.

What You Should Know About Him...

  1. Android17 was originally designed as an antagonist but later became one of Goku's most loyal allies His signature move is "Ki Blast" which fires off a blast of energy Android17 loves spending time with his friends - particularly Krillin Despite being very short-tempered, he cares deeply for those close to him According to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 4: Warrior Race & Quest - A Hero's Legacy; Android 18 once said that she thinks Android17 might be "the best looking android around". In Japanese media, it was revealed that he likes listening to rap music As part of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s April Fool’s Day 2018 event “Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals — The New Challengers” it was announced that Tatsuya Nagamine (a Japanese singer who provided vocals for various DBZ video games including Budokai Tenkaichi 3 & , would be providing the voice acting for an upcoming android character named “Android 18”. Although not confirmed by official sources yet, it seems likely that this new android will be voiced by either Ryo Horikawa or Kōsuke Toriumi. Interestingly enough (or perhaps unsurprisingly), Tatsuya Nagamine himself voices Cell in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It should also be noted that while both versions share similar designs (especially their eyes), they are not actually related. Some fans have speculated that since Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta killed Future Trunks at the end of Resurrection ‘F’ (which would make Vegeta technically responsible for killing Future Trunks even if he wasn't present during its events), then it could be possible that Gohan may become aware of this fact and eventually kill Vegeta himself in retaliation. Additionally, due to Piccolo mentioning something about reincarnating after death in episode 83 ("The Tree Of Might"), some fans believe there could potentially be a connection between Piccolo's statement and what happened with Cell. Finally, while there has been no confirmation from official sources yet - some fans have suggested that because both Androids 16 & 18 share similar design elements with Androids 15 & 16 from GT (including having blue hair), it may hint at another appearance/role for these two Androids down the line."
  2. ) Originally designed as an antagonist but later becomes one of Goku's most loyal allies) His signature move is Ki Blast which fires off a blast of energy) Likes spending time with friends especially Krillin

Why is Android 17's gender important?

Android 17 is a character in the manga and anime series, Dragon Ball Z. He is a member of the Frieza Force, and one of the most powerful fighters in the universe. Android 17 is often considered to be one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball history. His gender has been a source of much debate among fans; some believe that he is male, while others believe that he is female. The importance of Android 17's gender will be discussed in this guide.

How did Android 17 become a guy?

Android 17 is a guy because he was born with a male body. His sex is determined at birth, and there is no way to change it. Some people think that Android 17 might have been born with a female body, but we can't be sure.Android 17's story starts when he was just a baby. He and his family were living in the desert, and they were attacked by some monsters. Android 17's father tried to protect him, but he was killed. Android 17 survived the attack, but he was badly injured. Android 17's mother took him to a hospital where they treated his injuries.Afterward, Android 17's mother decided to raise him alone. She taught him how to survive in the wild, and she also taught him how to use weapons and fightback against attackers. Eventually, Android17 became an expert fighter and hunter in the desert wasteland area around their home."Is android seventeen a guy"

Android 17 is definitely a guy - his sex is determined at birth (just like everyone else), so there's no changing it! In fact, some people believe that Android 17 may have been born with a female body - but we can't be sure for sure! Regardless of whether or not this is true though -android seventeen has certainly had quite an interesting life story so far! Starting off as just another innocent baby - who then becomes embroiled in one of the most dangerous battles of his young life...all whilst surviving on his own as only an 11 year old kid could! Truly testament to strength & resilience beyond measure- regardless of your gender identity! So if you're ever feeling down about being 'different' or unsupported within society...

Where does Android 17 live?

What is Android 17's job?What are Android 17's powers?Android 17 is a villain in the Dragon Ball series. He is a member of the Red Ribbon Army and one of the strongest fighters on Earth. He was born on Earth in an unknown year, but his exact age is unknown.Android 17 has light brown hair and green eyes. He wears a blue jacket with a white shirt and black pants. In battle, he often wears armor that covers most of his body.Android 17 has several special abilities that make him very powerful. His most famous power is his ability to transform into a giant android form called "The Beast".In the anime, Android 17 often team up with fellow villain Goku Black to fight against the heroes. In the manga, he mostly fights alone or works together with other villains like Cell and Frieza.Android 17 has appeared in all eight seasons of the Dragon Ball series as well as two spin-off movies: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super: Broly .He will appear in Season 9 of Dragon Ball Super as part of Team Universe 7 alongside Goku Black, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi and Bulma..

What does Android 17 look like?

Android 17 is a tall, muscular man with long, black hair. He has dark eyes and wears a distinctive mask that covers most of his face.Android 17 is often seen wielding powerful energy blasts or swords. He is also known for his ruthless tactics and unyielding attitude.What are Android's powers?Android 17's powers include superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes; as well as the ability to fire powerful energy blasts and swords. What makes him so dangerous is his willingness to use any means necessary to achieve his goals - even if it means resorting to violence.What does Android 17 do in the series?In the series, Android 17 plays a major role in both the first and second seasons. In season one, he helps Goku fight Cell - an evil android created by Dr. Gero - while in season two he joins forces with Goku and Vegeta to stop Majin Buu from destroying Earth. What makes him such an important character is his willingness to fight dirty - something that often puts him at odds with Goku (and other members of Team Dragonball).Do I need to watch episodes 1-18 of Dragon Ball Super before watching Android 17?No, you don't need to watch episodes 1-18 of Dragon Ball Super before watching Android 17. However, you may want to check out our guide on how to watch Dragon Ball Super online without cable or satellite first!Can I expect more appearances from Android 17 in future seasons of Dragon Ball Super?There's no telling what will happen next season but we can definitely hope for more appearances from Android17!Is android 18 a girlWhat does Android 18 look like?Android 18 is similar in appearance to her male counterpart - Android17 - but she has shorter hair and wears different clothing items (such as skirts).She also possesses some unique abilities not shared by her male counterparts: For example, she can create barriers that protect herself or others from harm; she can also generate intense heat or cold; and she has telekinetic abilities that allow herto move objects with her mind.

What does Android 17 do for a living?

Android 17 is a member of the Red Ribbon Army, which is a group of soldiers who fight for the villainous Frieza. He's also a fighter pilot and has been known to use his powers to fly through the air.Android 17 was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ as one of Frieza's most loyal followers. He helps Frieza take over Earth by kidnapping Goku and taking him to Planet Namek. After Frieza is defeated, Android 17 returns to Earth with Piccolo and Krillin, but he never reveals his true identity to them.In Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 joins forces with Trunks and Goten in order to take down Goku Black. He later appears alongside Cell in an attempt to take over the world, but they are eventually defeated by Goku Super Saiyan Blue.Afterwards, Android 17 goes on a journey with Beerus and Whis to find new fighters for their team before returning home in Dragon Ball GT.During this time, he falls in love with Caulifla and they eventually have a child together named Bulla.In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 17 teams up with Mr Satan against Toriyama's own character Ginyu Force member Guldo. They are ultimately successful in defeating him and winning back their bodies."Android #17 (Androids) is one of three Androids created by Dr Gero; along with #18 (Cell), designed as perfect killing machines.""He pilots an aircraft called the "Red Ribbon Assault Ship.""Android #17 is among the few characters that do not change appearance between FUNimation dubs.""Android #17 makes his debut appearance during episode 41 of Dragonball Z.""He plays a significant role during Episode 100 ('The Enemy Within') where he assists Vegeta against Recoome & Burter.""His main power seems to be flight; being able to fly at high speeds through the air using ki blasts or just flying naturally.""He also possesses considerable strength - enough so that he was able to easily overpower both Recoome & Burter when they attacked Vegeta together.""Interestingly enough though, while fighting against these two powerful foes it seems that Android #17's primary focus wasn't actually on defeating them outright - instead it seemed more like trying keep them occupied so that Vegeta could deal damage from behind without fear of retaliation.

Is android 17 human?

Android 17 is a character in the Dragon Ball series who first appeared in the manga series Dragon Ball Z. He is a member of the Saiyan race and was one of the most powerful fighters on Earth before he was defeated by Goku. Android 17 later reappears as an antagonist, seeking revenge against Goku for defeating him. While he is initially portrayed as a ruthless fighter, Android 17 later develops a sense of compassion for others, even going so far as to sacrifice himself to save his friends. Some fans have theorized that Android 17 may be transgender or genderfluid, based on scenes where he displays feminine characteristics and has been called "the female android".

Does android 17 have any family?

What is android 17's real name?What does android 17 do for a living?How old is android 17?Where was android 17 born?What are the names of Android 17's parents?Do Android17 and Goku have a rivalry?Who is stronger: Goku or Android17?Is Android17 evil or good?DoesAndroid17 have any powers that surpass those of Goku?"

Android 17, also known as Jiren, is one of the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball universe. He first appeared in the manga series Dragon Ball Super and has since made appearances in other media such as anime and video games. As a fighter, he wields incredible power but his true strength lies within his resolve to never give up.

Despite being one of the strongest fighters in the game, there isn't much known about his family or background. However, it is hinted that he may have some sort of familial connection to Goku as they share similar fighting styles and both appear to be from Earth. It's also been hinted that Android 17 may have a more complex personality than initially thought as he seems to care deeply for others even if they don't reciprocate those feelings. In terms of what he does for a living, it's unknown exactly but it could be speculated that he works with either law enforcement or military forces due to his immense power and fighting ability. Finally, age-wise we know that Android 17 is around 18 years old which makes him slightly older than Goku who appears to be around 20 years old during their fight against Majin Buu.

Overall, while there isn't much information available on Android 17's past or character development outside of Dragon Ball Super (which admittedly isn't very long), he nonetheless remains an incredibly powerful fighter with plenty of potential story arcs left unexplored.

Would you describe android 17 as evil or good natured?

What do you think android 17's motivations are?Do you think android 17 is a villain or protagonist in the series?How would you describe android 17's appearance?What do you think his powers are?What do you think his personality is like?Is android 17 a good guy or bad guy?In your opinion, what does Android 17 represent in the show?"Android" typically refers to any form of artificial intelligence. In the context of "Dragon Ball Super", Android refers to a type of artificially created super soldier who serves as an ally to the Saiyans.Android 17 is one of these artificial soldiers and he was originally designed by Dr. Gero to be the perfect warrior. However, due to an error in his programming, Android17 became obsessed with killing Goku and decided to serve as Frieza's second-in-command instead. As such, Android17 represents everything that is wrong with Frieza's regime: he is blindly loyal and willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.Despite being evil by nature, Android17 has shown some flashes of compassion over the course of the series. For example, when he realizes that Krillin and Gohan have been killed by Cell , he becomes enraged and vows to kill Cell himself."Evil" can mean different things depending on who you ask but for most people it would likely refer to someone who deliberately seeks to harm others without reason or justification. In this sense, Android17 qualifies as evil because he is completely devoted to serving Frieza - even if it means hurting innocent people along the way."Good natured" doesn't quite capture how I feel about android 17 but it might be close enough for our purposes here. At its core, good naturedness means having a disposition characterized by kindness, generosity, friendliness etc... So while android 17 may inherently be evil (he wantsto kill everyone), there are moments where he shows genuine concern for others (like when he cries after murdering Krillin). Ultimately though I don't believe thatandroid17 has either good or bad intentions; at best he can be described as ambivalent towards humans."Villain" typically refers to someone who intentionally triesto hurt other peoplefor personal gain while "protagonist" typically refersto someonewho helpsothers achieve their goals evenifit means putting themselves at risk."villain" tendstorepresentbad guys whodoesn'tcareaboutotherpeoplewhile "protagonist"representsthegoodguysthoseputthemselvesintoconsiderationbeforeeveryoneelse.(e.g., Goku vs Vegeta)While many viewers may seeandroid17asjustanothervillaininapartyofbadguysalongsidecellandfreiza ,Ithinkthattheyourownviewdependsonthesubjectmatter .Forinstanceifyou'reinterestedinthestoryofGoku thenandroid17probablyisafreedomfighter whowantstobelieveinjusticeandwinsomefightsagainstevilopponents.

What are some of the things android 17 is capable of doing ?

Android 17 is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball series. He has a lot of abilities that make him a formidable opponent. Here are some of the things Android 17 is capable of:

-He can fly with his wings.

-He can fire energy blasts from his hands and eyes.

-He can create earthquakes by stomping his feet.

-He can transform into a giant ape form.

-And he's also got superhuman strength and reflexes.

How strong is android17 compared to other fighters in dragon ball z ?

Android 17 is one of the strongest fighters in Dragon Ball Z. He has a great power and speed, and can fight on even ground with some of the strongest opponents. However, he is not as strong as other characters like Goku or Vegeta.

When was the last time we saw android17 in dragon ball z ?

The last time we saw android17 in Dragon Ball Z was during the Cell Games.

Is there anything else we should know about android17 ?

Android 17 is a powerful android and the leader of Team Android. He has the ability to transform into a giant robot, and he also has some special powers that make him one of the strongest fighters in the world. Android 17 also seems to be very caring and compassionate, as he often helps others even if they don't deserve it. Finally, we should note that Android 17 is not just an ordinary android - he was created by Dr. Gero, which makes him one of the most powerful villains in all of fiction! So what else do we know about this enigmatic character? Read on for more information!

First and foremost, we should know that Android 17 is a formidable fighter. He possesses incredible strength and durability, making him almost unrivaled when it comes to battle. Additionally, his giant robot form gives him an edge over his opponents that no other android can match. Lastly, Android 17 is known for being one of the most compassionate characters in all of fiction - he often goes out of his way to help others regardless of their actions or motives.