Montresor was very hurt by Fortunato's actions. He felt that he had been taken advantage of and insulted. Montresor wanted to make sure that no one would ever treat him this way again. Revenge was the perfect way to ensure that Fortunato never inflicted pain on others again.

What had Fortunato done to Montresor?

Fortunato had wronged Montresor in many ways, but the most egregious was when he insulted and made fun of Montresor's family. This act of disrespect was enough to make Montresor want to exact revenge on Fortunato.

Montresor also felt that Fortunato had taken advantage of him numerous times. For example, when Montresor needed money for a business venture, Fortunato lent him money without asking for any collateral or repayment schedule. Furthermore, Fortunato had even stolen Montresor's wife from him - an act that deeply hurt and humiliated Montresor.

All these factors led to a burning desire within Montresor to punish and humiliate Fortunato in the worst way possible. Ultimately, this is what drove him to seek out revenge on his former friend and business partner.

How did Montresor plan to get revenge?

Montresor was very hurt by the way that Fortune had treated him. He felt like she had humiliated and insulted him, so he decided to get revenge. Montresor first tried to get back at her indirectly by making money for her company. However, this didn't work out as he had hoped because Fortune always managed to make more money than he did.

Next, Montresor decided to try and kill her directly. He hired a hitman to do the job but the assassin botched it and killed one of Fortune's servants instead. This only made Fortune even more determined to stay alive and stronger than ever before.

Finally, Montresor resorted to blackmailing her into marrying him so that he could have control over her fortune and life. This worked for a while until Fortune discovered his plan and broke off their engagement in a dramatic fashion.

When did he plan to take his revenge?

Montresor was extremely hurt by the events that transpired between him and his former friend, fortunato. Montresor felt that he had been wronged and humiliated, so he plotted to take his revenge over a period of many years. He began by poisoning fortunato's wine, then forged documents to make it look like fortunato had killed someone. Finally, Montresor sent assassins after fortunato, but they were unsuccessful in killing him. In the end, Montresor got what he wanted-fortunato was ruined and had to live in fear of his own life. This demonstrates how cunning and calculating Montresor can be when he wants something badly enough.

Where would he carry out his plan?

Fortunato was a man who had everything he could ever want. He had a beautiful home, wealth, and many friends. However, Montresor found out that Fortunato was coveting his wife's love and friendship more than anything else in the world. Montresor decided to take revenge on Fortunato by ruining his life.

Montresor would first try to make Fortunato jealous by spending time with his wife alone. If that didn't work, he would spread rumors about Fortunato being homosexual or having an affair with another man. Finally, if all of this failed, Montresor would have someone kill Fortunato in cold blood. By doing this, Montresor hoped to destroy the man's reputation and happiness for good.

Did anyone know about Montresor's plan?

Montresor was extremely hurt by the events that took place between him and his former friend, fortunato. Montresor felt that he had been wronged and humiliated, so he plotted to take revenge on his former friend.

One of the main reasons Montresor wanted to revenge himself on fortunato was because he felt that the latter had laughed at him and made fun of him in front of others. In addition, Montresor believed that fortunato had taken advantage of him financially and emotionally. Therefore, Montresor thought it only fair that he repay his former friend for all the pain and suffering he had caused.

Another reason why Montresor wanted to punish fortunato was because he felt that the latter had betrayed him. When they were young boys, fortuneo promised not to reveal any secrets about montresor to anyone, but later on in life, fortunato broke this promise and told other people about montresor's dark past. This betrayal hurt montresor deeply and fueled his desire for revenge against his old friend.

How would Fortunato react when he realized what was happening?

Montresor felt that he had been wronged by his friend, Fortunato. Montresor felt that Fortunato had taken advantage of him and insulted him. So, Montresor decided to seek revenge on his friend.

First, Montresor convinced himself that it was the right thing to do. He told himself that he was doing what was best for Fortunato and his own reputation. Second, Montresor made sure to plan out his revenge carefully so as not to make any mistakes. He made sure to have backup plans in case things went wrong.

Lastly, Montresor ensured that he inflicted as much pain as possible on Fortunato during their confrontation. He humiliated him publicly and took away all of his wealth. This caused Fortunato great emotional pain and suffering which further fueled Montresor's desire for revenge.

Was there any chance that Fortunato could escape or be saved?

In The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, the protagonist, Edmond Dantes, is imprisoned on a remote island. A fellow prisoner, Fortunato, tells Dantes that he can escape if he can find a way to get off the island. However, when Dantes asks how Fortunato plans to do this, Fortunato reveals that he has already arranged for someone else to escape with him and that he only wants revenge on Dantes because of what happened between them in their past. There was no chance that Fortunato could escape or be saved; his plan was doomed from the start.

What would happen to Montresor after he took his revenge?

In the short story, "The Cask of Amontillado," by Edgar Allan Poe, Montresor seeks revenge on his former friend and business partner, Fortunato. After Montresor learns that Fortunato has married his own daughter, he becomes enraged and plots to kill him.

Montresor's motive for seeking revenge is based on a combination of personal resentment and jealousy. He resents Fortunato because he feels that the latter has taken advantage of him over the years; moreover, Montresor is jealous of Fortunato's good fortune (which includes a large inheritance). Ultimately, however, it is Montresor's own arrogance and self-righteousness that lead to his downfall.

After carrying out his plan to murder Fortunato, Montresor finds himself in a difficult position. He has destroyed not only his former friend but also any chance he had at rebuilding relationships with others. Furthermore, as punishment for his crimes, Montresor must live in isolation and be subject to ridicule from all who know him. In the end, this leads to Montresor's death from natural causes - a fate far worse than anything that could have befallen him if he had simply accepted Fortunato's apology years earlier.

Would anyone find out what happened to Fortunato?

Montresor was very hurt by what happened to him. He felt that he had been wronged and that he deserved revenge. Montresor thought that he could get away with it because Fortunato was a weak man who would not be able to defend himself. Montresor also wanted to punish Fortunato for making him feel so inferior. Ultimately, the reason why Montresor sought revenge on Fortunato is unknown. However, it is possible that he did it out of jealousy or anger. If anyone found out what happened to Fortunato, they would likely think that he had been killed or something similar. In any case, Montresor's actions show how powerful and dangerous revenge can be when taken wrongly.

How long would it take for Fortunato to die in the catacombs?

Montresor was driven by a deep-seated anger and resentment towards his former friend, Fortunato. Montresor believed that Fortunato had wronged him grievously, and so he plotted to take revenge on him. It would likely take quite some time for Fortunato to die in the catacombs - given that he is presumably quite frail and vulnerable. In the end, it would be Montresor's own death that would finally bring about justice for himself and his family.

In the end, was Montresor's revenge worth it?

Montresor's revenge against his former friend and business partner, Fortunato, is a story of intense anger and betrayal. Montresor was betrayed by Fortunato in the most personal way possible- he stole Montresor's wife. In addition, Fortunato had publicly humiliated Montresor numerous times. So when Montresor learns that Fortunato has married a wealthy woman and is now very comfortable, he decides to take his revenge.

First, Montresor makes sure that Fortunato never enjoys anything again- he cuts off all of Fortunato's financial support and humiliates him in public. Next, Montresor builds a secret chamber underneath his home where he stores dozens of human heads which he has cut off from their bodies. Every time Fortunato visits his home or tries to enjoy life in any way, he is reminded of the people who have hurt him over the years. Finally, after years of planning and waiting, Montresor tracks down and kills Fortunato with an elaborate scheme involving fake letters and other lies. In the end, it is clear that revenge was worth it for Montresor- through his actions he was able to exact vengeance on one of the most important people in his life while also destroying any chance that this type of betrayal could ever happen again.

What could have happened if Montresor hadn't taken his revenge on fortunato?

If Montresor had not taken his revenge on fortunato, he may have been able to continue living a happy life with his new wife. However, Montresor would have never known the true happiness that he could have experienced because of what happened between him and fortunato. In addition, without the bitterness and anger that fueled Montresor's vendetta against fortunato, there is a good chance that other people in Montresor's life would not have turned against him as they did. This ultimately led to Montresor's death at the hands of jester Puck.